Fruitivia Friday – Fruitivia Smoothie

Heya folks!

We’ve got a brand new product called Fruitivia and I’ve decided to work on bringing it into recipes for it’s opening month.  So on Friday’s in February we’ll look at some healthy recipes staring Fruitivia.

Today’s recipe is a Fruitivia smoothie.  This is a take on the popular green smoothie, but with the Fruitivia added in to increase the fiber and antioxidants, while adding some great flavor and a little sweetening.  When it comes to smoothies, green or otherwise, I’m really the only one in my house that likes them.  The husband will humor me and drink most of one, but it’s generally not his meal of choice.  I think it’s something about the texture which just doesn’t do it for the men folk.  Smoothies are often breakfast for me on days when I’m working from home, or when I want something quick to take on the road to work.  These smoothies are also a good way to use over ripe bananas.  I put my over ripes into the freezer and then pull them out for smoothies and for banana bread or muffins.

So here’s my base recipe:

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen or fresh berries

1 pouch fruitivia

1 cup milk (soy milk or rice milk work really well)

one handful fresh spinach

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp Ultra Gel

Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.

spinach smoothie

I don’t add sugar or honey or anything to this mix, but you certainly could if you want more sweetness.  I prefer the sweet from the Fruitivia and the fruit, and you won’t taste the spinach at all.  It just adds a good iron source, fiber and vitamins!

So what’s your favorite smoothie combination?

Jana Brown


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