Off Topic but Cool – Cleaner

So usually we talk food around here, but as I have been introduced to something cool…well…as you are my internet buddies, I have to share.   Within the last little while I have become a total pintrest junkie.  I try to control myself, but there are so many pretty things to look at and so many great ideas.

Recognizing this problem my sister Denny created the pintrest challenge in which we must actually TRY some of the cool things we find on pintresta nd then report on them somewhere.  I tried a few thigns.  I took pictures and I couldn’t figure out where to report on them.  I already have this blog and I have two other blogs which already get neglected.  I am very sure I don’t need yet another one.

Soo…for Denny and the pintrest challenge this week I made stove cleaner.  It’s not the only thing I did, but it’s the one we’ll talk about today.

The idea came from One Good Thing and is a stove cleaner made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Somehow I’ve been living under a rock and didn’t realize that this combination is awesome.  As we will see in the pictures my stove is still not perfectly clean, but picture the first was after the stove had been cleaned with some commercial stuff, but before my paste of baking soda and peroxide.  The mixture is baking soda and then just enough peroxide to make a nice paste which I smeared on and let sit before scrubbing off with a wet rag.  The last picture is the current result.  It’s still not perfect, not by far, but so much better.  I expect another good past soak and it’ll look like new.

Muuuch better

So there’s my cool thing for Monday.  I also made a homemade version of febreeze, but that’s another blog.

If you’d like to come and pin along I can be found at two places: (for food and Cornaby’s products and recipes) (for the complete randomness that is me as writer, cook, geek, mama and stuff that catches my eye).

What cool things have you done this week?



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