Contests and Lovely Food

Hi folks,

Well, I know I was going to talk about custard on Friday…then my sweet husband distracted me!  We were having an anniversary week and weekend and we ate so much good food and were so comfortable that all thoughts of anything work related fell out of my head.  This is more reason why one day I have to get ahead of my schedule.  It’ll happen…just not yet.

Anyway…so I’ll talk about custard still, I haven’t forgotten you, but today we’ll keep it short and sweet and talk about the Melting Pot and another Cornaby’s Contest.  This contest is running with her loveliness at The Weekend Gourmet.  (And if you missed the contest at The Cooking Underwriter go visit her anyway.)  I love both of these blogs and have come away with really good recipes and inspiration.  So there’s the contest for you.

Then there is lovely food.  Bunneh and I had our anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot in SLC.  This is a fondue place and it is a bit pricey, but it was worth every cent.  We had a cheese appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert…and I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


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