More Things to do with Fruitivia

The Bunneh and I are currently taking the Fruitivia challenge.  This consists of eating 2-3 Fruitivia a day in exchange for fattier higher calorie snacks and keeping track of how we feel and how our weight and other health stats change over the next month.  At least we’re starting with a month and hoping it becomes a lifestyle.  🙂

As part of this we’re already finding some good results with both of us dropping a couple of pounds in this first week and we feel pretty good.  Now, that may also have something to do with the warming weather too, but eating better always helps.  One of the challenges we’re finding though is figuring out ways to keep our Fruitivia consumption interesting.  We’ll share more of these as we go, but here are some of the favorites for the week.

1 – Just straight from the pouch.  This is Bunneh’s favorite way as he can sip it as he’s walking down the stairs on the way home from work, or eat it easily in the car.

2 – Frozen!  Fruitivia freezes beautifully and is thie cute little slush treat which is delightful.  It reminds me of the old days of otter pops but with a lot more flavor and health value!  I love it.

3 – Fruitivia Smoothie.  I shared the recipe for this a few weeks ago and it’s still one of my favorite things.  I’ve been experimenting with various fruits and adding vegetables to the mix too, cucumbers, celery, spinach…they just whir right in there and add more fiber and vitamins without adding much in the way of calories.

4 – Fruitivia and Turkey sammich! This was today’s lovely find.  I got a turkey sandwich with friends for lunch.  No mayo, whole wheat bread, turkey, mushrooms and red onion.  I used my raspberry lemonade Fruitivia as my sauce on the sandwich and it was absolutely lovely!

5 – Fruitivia and plain greek yogurt.

6 – Fruivitia and sugarfree vanilla pudding.

So there are some ideas for those starting the Fruitivia journey.  Locally Fruitivia can be found at Peterson’s Marketplace in Riverton and at Honeyville grain in Salt Lake City by the airport.  We also sell online by the carton and the case and will be in more local shops by the end of the month.  There…shameless plug part over…  🙂

Next Fruitivia Friday we’ll dig further into the nutrition behind Fruitivia and why it’s good for you, beyond the amazing flavors.



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