Lovely Lotion

As I’ve mentioned before I am a Pintrest addict…despite all the great reasons that I shouldn’t be, like time, I’m hooked.  One of the things I’ve seen a lot lately is a recipe for what is supposed to be the best moisturizing hand lotion ever.  Well…I have to say I tried it and I liiiiike it.

So here’s the recipe I followed (from Patchwork):

8 ounces baby lotion

4 ounces petroleum jelly

4 ounces vitamin E gel

Whip all ingredients together and put into lotion containers.

This works beautifully.  When you first rub it on there’s a moment where it feels just a little greasy and I found myself wondering if I’d made a mistake, but given a minute or two for it to soak in it was lovely.  Good enough that when I pulled the lotion out last night to put on my hands Bunneh batted his eyelashes at me until I rubbed it on his feet too.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for those big hazel eyes.

Next I’m going to try it with a sandlewood cinnamon lotion as the base.



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