Waffle Wars

A couple of weeks ago a good friend (*waves at Karen*) had the brilliant idea that we should all get together and have a Waffle War.  The rules were pretty simple.  Everyone make a waffle or two and bring it to share with toppings.  Then we all eat and everyone wins because we all have full stomachs.  Really, where’s the bad in that?  And there was no bad at all.  🙂

We had a tex-mex waffle, whole wheat, lemon thyme, basil and sausage, pumpkin and an egg and hash brown casserole.  Toppings included a killer apple syrup, maple syrup, blueberries, salsa, sour cream and avocados.

Do we know how to have fun or what?

So here are the pictures and as soon as the other ladies give me their recipes we’ll share them all.


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