So What Trouble am I Getting into this weekend?

Hello Mortal Creatures Who Gain Importance by Having Thumbs to work the Can Opener,

As my so called owner is away displaying stuff at the What a Woman Wants Show at someplace called the South Towne Expo center…why in the world do human’s spell that with an E anyway….I am a cat left to her own devices.

I expect to spend the weekend sunning myself in whatever sunbeams there may be.  Though the foolish mortal on the big talky box says there may be rain. I scowl in his general direction and will shred his pants given an appropriate opportunity.

If I am bereft of sunbeam I shall jump on the counter, which I am not supposed to do, but dammit it’s the highest surface in the house I can reasonably jump on to survey my domain.  As they do expect me to do things such as catch and eat bugs, mice, birds and other things I do not see why they do not allow me a proper perch.  One day I will eat them I tell you!  One toe at a time!

Ahem… I might have gotten a little ahead of myself there.

I shall eat kitty kibble…  I am told it is not as good as Fruitivia, but as said so called owner will not feed me Fruitivia how am I supposed to know?  I do know that eating raspberry jalapeno sauce burnt my nose.

And I suppose when I am not stalking, eating or pouncing on the counter I may allow the other mortal here to pet me, pamper me and pay me due respect.

It’s hard to be the cat…but someone has to do it.

~Mystique…the cat.


2 thoughts on “So What Trouble am I Getting into this weekend?

    • Heh…she did not barf on the bed. She did however claim and rip up the gift bag for my son’s birthday. Fortunately there were no presents inside at the moment!

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