My battle with white top…

An almost summer like spring has pounced here in the Rocky Mountains…which means there is a crazy stirring in my blood to play in the garden.  I call it playing, but really it’s lots of hot work slogging under the sun and cursing the weed called white top.

I don’t know if white top is just a Utah thing…I suppose I could look it up…but it is the bane of my existence.  It’s a pretty pale green plant with cute tiny white blossoms on top…it looks so harmless…so pretty…  But it grows EVERYWHERE and has roots that meander and split and travel, I am very certain, all the way through the center of the earth to China.  I hate the stuff cause you can’t dig it up without breaking off the roots and you can’t pull it up without breaking off the roots, and if you break off the roots it just comes back and spreads everywhere.  And I’m pretty sure it is resistant to all known forms, natural and not, of plant killer.  So I spend every year out there pulling it up by the handful over and over again and trying to talk it into not crowding out my spinach, beans, beets and other garden beauties.

Anyone else deal with this weed, or another one which is the bane of your existence?  Any suggestions for getting rid of it besides enrolling my children in weekly garden slave labor camp?

I’m getting kind of desperate here….



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