Happy Memorial Day

I’m not sharing any recipes today.  Yeah, we’re bbqing, but today is so much important for the lives we remember.

I’m so grateful not only for the lives which were given, but also the lives which were lived.  Between Bunneh and I we have a lot of relatives and good friends who have served over the years and we’ve been left forever grateful for the things they’ve done.  I love listening to the WWII stories from my grandfather, and reading Bunneh’s grandfather’s Silver Star commendation.  It hits us even more as our boys age to realize that many of those serving and who have served are not that much older than our oldest boy.  Sometimes I look at boy the oldest and the idea of him in the middle of a war zone scares the crap out of me, both for his sake and to think how much faith we end up having in a lot of folks who aren’t much more than kids.  Then again I look at the people around me and the kind of kids they have…and maybe it’s not so scary after all.

So Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Hold your family a little closer and remember while eating good food all of those who left their families so we could spend time with ours.

My Grandpa is the one in the middle. Aren’t they all cute?


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