The Great Cookie Experiment Turns One!

The Great Cookie Experiment Turns One! 

An amazing thing has happened.  By my calculations, and the archives here aren’t accurate because I think we changed blog formats right around then, I have at some point this month had a blogiversary!  I have been making cookies for a whole year!  Who knew there were that many cookies??  I have had a lot of fun making cookies- the good ones and the terrible ones.  I know my family has liked eating them, and my girls like having homemade cookies to share in their school lunches.  I think my friends still enjoy getting the cookies, at least they haven’t complained.  So, here’s to a whole year of The Great Cookie Experiment!

If you haven’t been following since article one, let me re- introduce myself.  I’m Julie, and I’m a mother of two teenage daughters.  I’m a teacher’s assistant by day, and a professional storyteller by night, and on weekends, I find myself baking cookies!  I started this experiment for kicks and giggles a few years ago, just because I was bored with the traditional cookie recipes I always made.  I decided that I would take a recipe book, turn to the cookie section, and make all of them.  My dear friend Jana (Ed note:  *waves*  Hi again folks), who is a Cornaby and works very hard for this amazing little company, runs this blog, and said that I could be a regular contributor if I wrote up my cookie results and took pictures.  (Ed note: She isn’t giving herself enough credit.  There was a lot of near begging involved here and she saves my bacon with consistent posting! In exchange I provide chocolate during melt downs and feed her children ice cream.  It works out.) I’m still here a year, and many batches of cookies later!

I’d like to do something to celebrate.  As a guest blogger, I don’t always know how many people read the blog when I have my post.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m writing, and my articles take up empty space out there in the vast internet world.  Echo….echo….echo….I know that some of you other bloggers feel the same way.  So, to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I am inviting any of you who regularly read The Great Cookie Experiment, or even first time readers of the Experiment to make a comment and introduce yourselves!  What brought you here?  What brings you back?  Do you also have blogs?  Let me know what they are!  I want to hear from you, so please come say Hi, and Happy Blogiversary!

Julie Barnson


2 thoughts on “The Great Cookie Experiment Turns One!

  1. Hi, I’m Melissa, and I love cookies. I especially like trying the Great Cookie Experiment creations every Saturday. Being fed cookies makes it easier to forget that I am basically a glorified lab rat. Though I bet lab rats don’t get cookies. I keep coming back to this blog because I like reading the stories behind the cookies! (Please make snickerdoodles next.)

  2. LOL! Lab rats should get cookies! We must start a movement or something! I’m so glad that you’re reading! I’ll look into the Snickerdoodles 🙂

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