Pot Roast – Bunneh Food

The Bunneh made a lovely dinner last night.  Then he surprised me with a blog about it!  So I turn the time over to him.  Love that man.

Pot Roast – Bunneh Style

I don’t know what it is, but every once in a while I get a hankering to make something specific.  I am sure it has nothing to do with watching Food Network TV or absolutely nothing with having made the reservations for our annual Disney World trip, and by reservations I mean, … ya know…. The ones for dinner.   

Let me give you a hint about Disney though.  There are some fantastic places to eat at Disney World, but if you don’t make advance reservations, you won’t be trying them.  We like to eat lightly for breakfast and lunch and splurge on a really fancy dinner.   And by advance I mean… really in advance for the best ones.  We’re going in September, and it’s *counts on paws* uhhh… more than three full months ahead.  Fortunately we managed to get reservations for two of our favorites, and made plans to visit three new that we hope to become favorites of their own.

Anyway, back to hankering.  I wanted roast beast.  Nummy rich tasty roasted beast.  Kitty had several pork roasts in our cold storage, but I wanted a different beast.  Fortunately, the local store had chuck roasts on sale for a good price.  The chuck roast is from the shoulder (I guess they are called chucks on a cow, I don’t know I’m a city bunny) and it’s a fatty but not tender cut.  That makes it perfect for low slow cooking methods that will help break down the connective bits and tenderize the meat. 

I used the Alton Brown Pot Roast recipe (surprise!) with only a few modifications because of ingredients available.  Go read it quick, I’ll wait.   

*taps feet*  

*whistles aimlessly* 

*looks up in surprise* 

Oh, back already?  Ok then, well instead of using cocktail olives, I used a handful of Kalamata olives that I pitted and cut up, and I used white raisins instead of the regular types.  And when it came time to pour the juices into a pan to make a sauce, I added three teaspoons of UltraGel to thicken it up a bit. 

The roast took care of the hankering, but every time I just serve meat Kitty looks at me and says “Where are the vegetables?”  Veggies?  Really?  What do I look like a bunny?   Oh.  Uh…. Don’t answer that.  I knew I wanted to serve the roast with noodles, so that part was easy.  I had thought of making a roasted butternut squash, but our squash was icky so I threw it away.  Rooting around in the fridge turned up a cauliflower.

Usually, we steam cauliflower, but I wanted something cooler, so I roasted it.  Here is how to make it yourself.  Cut the head into little florets and drizzled it with fresh lemon juice, and add the zest of half a lemon, then drizzle with olive oil.  Next add about four cloves of chopped garlic, a healthy pinch of salt and pepper to taste.  Toss to coat and put into a casserole dish and into a 400 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes.  When the tops start browning and the florets are tender, pull it out and sprinkle on shredded parmesan cheese. 

Roasting gives cauliflower a totally different flavor than boiling or steaming, it is stronger and crunchier than the wet cooking methods.   Once that was paired with the pot roast, and noodles, and delicious sauce coating the top, it was a fantastic meal.  The best part of cooking pot roast, I think, happens about four hours later.   I have some lovely looking chibatta bread buns that are going to make awesome sandwiches later on tonight.  

Give this a try yourself some time, its easy (but slow) and amazingly delicious.  The house smells of fruity balsamic vinegar still and if my tummy was capable of speaking words it would say, “I’m happy, leave me alone to sleep.”  

Pot Roast




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