The Great Cookie Experiment Goes to France

The Great Cookie Experiment goes to France!

Bonjour!  I apologize for last week’s lack of a blog.  I thought that I had enough articles to cover me while I was gone, but I didn’t include a little grace period to have me recover from getting home and dealing with airlines and jet lag.

Either way, I got to go to France!  My husband works for a company that will occasionally send him overseas on business. The travel is still new, so he’s only been to Puerto Rico, and Thailand, but when he got sent to France, it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.  We went a week early, and saw the sights of Paris, and several beautiful places in Normandy.  It was a dream come true for this lady who loves people and culture and history and I got plenty of all three while I was there.

Did I eat any cookies?  Well…no?  I DID have one cookie in a chain restaurant in a mall in Le Havre.  It tasted just like a prepackaged cookie, and it reminded me that not all baked goods are the same, even in France.  I somehow missed all of the macaroon shops, but I didn’t miss them.  Sad to say, I skipped the cookies in favor of my new love- French Pastry.  The streets of France were littered with little Boulangerie shops- French Bakeries, and I could pretty much eat at one every day.


It was really the fault of a friend of mine, who, when she heard I was going to France, chose a gift that I could give her as a souvenir.  She said that she wanted me to find some super gooey amazing French dessert, and to take a picture of me eating it.  Then post that picture on Facebook, dedicating the photo to her.  That way she could live vicariously through me.

The dessert in question was at a Boulangerie just two doors down from my hotel.  I could tell it was a good place to stop because it was always busy, and not with tourists.  The lady there spoke as much English as I spoke French, which was maybe ten words all put together.  I knew the really important word, as I pointed to a beautiful confection and said “chocolate”.  She grinned, and packaged up the decadent treat.  The pastry in question is called the “Religieuse”, meaning “Religious”.  After biting into the chocolate filled masterpiece, I can honestly say that that it was aptly named because I was pretty sure I was in heaven.  I think about the grocery store donuts we get, even first thing in the morning when they are still fresh, and I shudder at the comparison!  We have a lot to learn about pastry!

I am back in the states now, and am ready to search for the Next Great Cookie.  I will remember my brief pastry foray with great fondness.  Maybe some French immigrant will come to Utah and set up a bakery.  A girl can dream, right?



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