I have a citrus juicer…and it’s cool

1 Sale a Day is a site where they sell off cool things at amazing prices.  Once of the things we found there was a Cuisinart Citrus Juicer.  Now I am a big Cuisinart fan.  I love their appliances, it’s true, but I wondered if we’d really have use for an electric juicer.  I can juice lemons and limes and oranges by squishing them.  It’s exercise!

Then I lost my mind and purchased 38 pounds of lemons, which is one full case.  I had dreams of lemon curd and lemon cakes and…no time at all.  However, I couldn’t let these wonderful lemons go to waste.  So I focused and came up with several recipes to use the lemons.  Fish and cakes and muffins…and there were still lemons left.  Juicer and brand new microplane zester to the rescue.  With Bunneh’s help we zested and juiced about 20 pounds of lemons, and a few stray oranges, in about 45 minutes!  I now have bags of frozen lemon juice and zest ready to go for my recipes and for that elusive lemon curd that I still intend to make!

So despite my reservations I have to say…I just might love my citrus juicer.

Cuisinart Juicer


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