Care and Feeding of the Cornabys

So what happened to yours truly over the weekend? I was part of a Cornaby Family reunion. Like many farmer families the extended family for the Cornaby’s is biiig…like 80 eaters + some too young to eaters + some folks who couldn’t make it out this year. We’re one big happy clan and this reunion was no exception to the excellence we expect from each other.

My sweetie was amused by the fact that our reunion was pretty much ruled by one factor and that was ‘when is the food going to happen?’ Between food time we might scatter and play games or hike or throw rocks in rivers, but announce that the table is set and you have the attention of everyone in about 2 minutes.

So what foods show up at a Cornaby Reunion?

Day one: Lunch of chicken chipotle sandwiches, chips, fruit and ice cream bars. Dinner of pasta bar, two kinds of sauces, salad, fruit and mint brownies!

Day Two: Breakfast of muffins, juice and fruit. Lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon, potato salad, coleslaw, rice krispie squares and left over mint brownies. Dinner of milk can stew, rolls, fresh made strawberry jam, and a dessert bar including more brownies, rice krispies and apple custard.

Many hands of pinocole were played, (I’m pretty sure grandpa always won), many memories shared…and much food devoured. Ahh…family, we are so blessed.



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