Happy Pioneer Day Utah

Hi folks,

For those of you who don’t know I live out in the middle of Utah.  I love it here, deserts, mountains, snakes, rock squirrels and all.  Today it’s a holiday in Utah celebrating when the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley and decided to take a land covered with sagebrush and make something out of it.

I love the spirit of those early settlers.  No few of them are also relatives, from which I have recipes and cooking techniques which have been passed down for generations.  It’s pretty darn cool.

One of my favorite recipes in the family is one that no one actually makes, because all the measuring is written in terms of the cups and bowls of the grandmother who created the recipe.  1 red glass of milk, so many bits of bitter, all in the blue bowl…it’s a lovely way to think about a recipe.  However…it really makes it hard for future generations to MAKE the recipe when the blue bowl and the red glass are lost to the many moves and changes of a large family.  But there’s still inspiration there and I think about these mothers and grandmothers when I’m puttering around the kitchen.

Where do you get your inspiration?


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