Oh the Places We Eat: Geckos

Restaurant: Geckos

Cuisine: Mexican

Price Range: 9-15.00/plate

Location: West Jordan, Utah

Our rating: 2.5/5 paws – Average, middle of the road food and mediocre service

So Bunneh and I are trying to get a little more formal about our reviews of the places we eat.  Ergo the scale up above, which we’ll try to stick to.

We went to Geckos tonight as a ‘get away from the house’ night.  I had been there a couple of times before, but it had been about two years and I didn’t remember much about the food, though I remembered a pretty decor.  Bunneh had never been at all, so we went for it.

When we got there it was a pretty sparse night and we were seated immediately, which was nice. I have no idea who our waiter was as he never introduced himself and seemed pretty unimpressed that we were there.  He told us nothing about the menu or the specials and spent most of the night hustling us along or leaning against a wall and chatting with the other waitstaff.  The rest of the waitstaff firmly had a ‘not my problem/zone’ vibe and even when we tried to get attention for drink refills or other questions we were ignored.  We received a refill on water and no refills on my stupid 2.29 diet coke, which took two requests to get lime.  The most pleasant person in the place was the cashier who was sunny and cute as she took our moneys.

As far as the food goes it was…okay, but not great.  Almost everything, except for the warm stale chips, had a heaping of ‘hot’ but uninteresting.  Once you got beyond the hot most of the flavors were bland and the meats were dry.  The rice and beans were pretty much scoop from a mix, toss on some cheese and heat a bit.  Bunneh had shrimp tacos which tasted frozen with a quick flash fry, though the mango tasted fresh.  Our check was on the table before we had a chance to address dessert, so I can’t tell you anything about that.  We stopped and got pastries on the way home instead.  🙂

The atmosphere was one of the most charming aspects of the entire visit.  The decor is cute and well put together with pleasant background music.

All in all…if I want Mexican again I’ll be heading somewhere else.  Anyone have a suggestion?


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