Simple Caprese Salad

A while back we were in the dinner situation of having figured out our main dish, a drink, even a decent dessert, but we were in a salad fix.  My plan had been for a nice green salad.  However, when the moment came to make said salad there was a problem in that the head of romaine lettuce I had was frozen.  I know of a few people who don’t have a problem eating frozen lettuce, but for me that is one of those things at the height of gross. Even worse is frozen and then rethawed lettuce which turns into smelly green slime.  So So grody.

Anyway…left to my own devices I decided we’d go for a fresh Caprese Salad.  We had some lovely tomatoes, and homemade mozarelle and I found some sweet basil in the fridge which I chopped, then topped the whole thing with a drizzle of 18 year old balsamic vinegar.  The benefit to the older vinegar, in my book, is that it is a little sweeter and thicker so tends to stick nicely to the parts of the salad.

Caprese salad


I simply layered my tomatoes and cheese, then topped with the basil chopped fine and the vinegar.  I didn’t know what my boys would think, but all three of them announced it a success and cleared the plate.  I can’t wait until our garden tomatoes are ripe to do it again!



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