The Great Cookie Experiment- Poll

The Great Cookie Experiment- Poll

Earlier this year, I finished all of the cookie recipes in my recipe notebook.  All made, all tried, the bad ones thrown out, done.  To keep the blog going, I cheated and got more cookie recipes from my mother’s Taste of Home Cookie Magazine.  I am a month or so away from finishing the recipes I stole, and it’s time to think about where this blog should go next.

I have obtained more of the Taste of Home recipes to make, and I can just add them to my notebook, and continue on as I have for over a year now.  Minus the coffee flavored cookie recipes.  Ew.  I could start on a completely new cookbook- I do own quite a few of them- and make all of their cookie recipes.  I’m on Pinterest, and my Recipes to Try board is getting big- I could experiment on Pinterest cookie recipes.  I could work in my favorite cookies, the tried and true recipes that are standards at my house.  Another interesting possibility would be to go back to some of the recipes that didn’t turn out, and see if I could improve upon them.  Lastly, I could work in some other articles on cookie techniques, materials, or the occasional recipe roundup I’ve seen in other blogs.

I want to know what you think!  You who have read this blog, and hopefully tried some of the cookie recipes that have turned out, what do you want to see?  Let me know what you think, and leave any other ideas you have in the comments.

Leave your comment here and we’ve received permission to give a Cornaby’s gift pack to one lucky winner.  What’s going to be in it?  We have no idea, we haven’t seen it yet!  But it’ll be good.  The comments will stay open until October 1st when a winner will be drawn.


6 thoughts on “The Great Cookie Experiment- Poll

  1. I keep trying not to pin cookies because I have so many, but they all look so good! Hooray for being our first entry in our giveaway! Thank you for commenting!

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  3. I would love to find some healthy cookie recipes that still taste yummy.
    Tried and true recipes good enough for mid afternoon cravings while being healthy enough to be breakfast for the kids. Ideally with ingredients I’ve heard of and can locate at a local Walmart.
    I know, kind of a lofty goal, but that’s what is like to see.

    • I’m going to find one! Unfortunately, so far the healthy cookies haven’t been so great. I will persevere, however, and one day there will be one that’s great!

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