New Grand Opening at Honeyville

One of our partner stores that we love, and we love them all, and do classes for is our local Honeyville Store.  Until recently they were located up by the airport, but have they have now moved down where I-80 and I-15 cross.  Last Friday we were honored to join them for the Grand Opening kick off and to tour the new store.

The get together was fun, but the store is absolutely lovely.  Open and airy with a new demonstrating kitchen which is going to be so much fun to teach out of.  They’ve already started scheduling classes and October looks to be full of old favorites and some new ones.  We’ll be there twice, once talking Gluten free and once for a Halloween class all about using Ultra Gel to create fun treats and healthy meals for your ghost and goblins of all ages.  See the calendar of events here:

And come visit the store at:

Honeyville Farms
389 West 1830 South
Ste. 500
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115


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