Man Food

There are many times when I love to get into complex cooking, but sometimes my sweet boys remind me that there’s just a time and place for something simple.  And for them there is nothing more fun than the hands on experience of the truest manfood they know.  Meat on sticks!  The tradition of kabobs goes back to early hunters skewering meats and putting them over fire until it’s done…or at least doneish.  So when we address kabobs we do the same.  The favorite among the boys is steak and shrimp, though I always insist on vegetables to come along as well.  When we’re preparing our kabobs we do a lot of skewers each with one type of food on them.  Traditionally a lot of people put everything on one skewer, but Bunneh loves the control of being able to cook each thing separately to exactly the right temperature.  For a bit of kick the boys added some flavored olive oil and a little salt, but other than that we let the flavors stand.

So here’s our Sunday night dinner, grilled over fire and prepared by my three manly men.


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