Peppermint Mississippi Mud

The subject of Mississippi Mud is one of great amusement between Julie and I.  There are two desserts which I grew up referring to as a Mississippi Mud.  The one is a brownie base with custard and whipped cream, and the other a crumb base with a cream cheese layer, custard and whipped cream.  The second one is more commonly known as a “Better Than Sex Cake”, but I grew up using the term Mississippi Mud interchangeably.  I always knew what I meant, so I was never overly fussed if anyone else did, though Julie has always found it amusing (She mocks me I tell you!).  But as I’ve aged I’ve learned to keep the two separate even though they’re both basically a crust, really good chocolate custard and cream.

This weekend I decided to start looking at treats for the holidays and hit upon making a Mississippi Mud which featured crushed candy canes.  I wanted to keep the peppermint flavor from the canes really subtle so I added about 1.5 Tbl crushed canes to my custard when I was cooking it so they’d melt in nicely, and then topped the whole thing with more crushed candy canes.  That’s it.  However, the whole combination was absolutely killer!  Even a few days later Bunneh and I are still working on the leftovers and enjoying every bite!  If I were going to make this dish ahead for a party I would assemble everything except for the candy cane garnish and garnish just before serving.  A little chocolate topping drizzle would be pretty too.  The reason for holding back the garnish is that the candy canes dissolve if they sit on the cream for too long.  Still tastes good, mind you, but they turn into little puddles of sugar and peppermint.

Peppermint Mississippi Mud

1 family sized brownie mix (9×13) – You can, naturally, make a homemade brownie here depending on how pressed for time you are and I always add at least a Tablespoon of Ultra Gel to my brownie mix to hold a better chew.  If you use a gluten free mix here the rest of the recipe is gluten free as well.  🙂

1 recipe chocolate custard

1 recipe Ultra Gel Whipping Cream

Crushed candy canes for garnish

Make the brownie mix according to the box directions.  Bake and cool to room temperature.

Make custard, including 1.5 Tbl crushed candy canes in mixture, and cool to room temperature.

Make cream according to recipe.

Layer ingredients and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.  Serve with candy cane and chocolate drizzle garnishes as desired.


2 thoughts on “Peppermint Mississippi Mud

  1. I DO mock you! Mock! Mock! BUT, this was a REALLY GOOD dessert. I liked that it wasn’t too minty so you could still enjoy the creamy. Make this, people!!!! 🙂

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