Holiday Sales and Where are We?

Still not dead…rumors and all…but I’m here, just been being very busy and very pregnant the last couple of weeks.  And Ms. Julie went and got her shoulder all fixed, so we’re behind on the Cookie Experiment, but fear not, we will get caught back up.  🙂

Currently one of the things pulling attention for all of us is the SLC Dickens Festival.  This takes place up at the SLC FairGrounds and is a lot of fun.  We run the Cornaby’s booth up there selling all kinds of our products, but it’s also a fun opportunity to dress in our Victorian splendor and hang out with a lot of amazing people.  If you’ve never been and you live locally I’d highly suggest starting a new family tradition and joining us!  The doors are open from 4-9 Tuesday, Wed and Thursday and from 10-9 Friday and Saturday this week then it’s over for another year.

Other cool things going on is some big sales stuff over at  There’s a holiday sales category now and several products where Cornaby’s is picking up the shipping cost and a great price on an Ultra Gel Gift Kit.  Sooo if you’re still looking for easy neighbor gifts come on over and we’re happy to help. 🙂  There’s my shameless plug…and now I’m done.

Oh!  Tomorrow I’ll be at Honeyville Grains at 11:00 a.m. teaching a candy class.  Anyone is welcome to come by and attend and after class they tend to give a discount on anything you buy related to the class.  I love the ability to get into these wonderful sponsor stores and teach and we have a fun time planned.

Baby says it’s bedtime…or it’s time for her to start squirming and keep me awake anyway.  🙂



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