Toughest Hard Water Stains in the West

One of the banes of my very existence is the hard water ring in the toilet.  Where I live is almost a river bed so no matter how well the city treats the water and how good of a water softener we have we still fight the battle of hard water stains.  In the dishwasher and even the laundry I am able to use the miracle of white vinegar and baking soda to deal with most of the issues, but the toilet eludes me.  I have tried just about every commercially available product to get the stains off and some work…well…marginally well, but nothing has really come to my rescue.  Not to mention the stupid cat drinks out of the toilets so I have to be careful what I use anyway cause I don’t want her to accidentally be poisoned.

I decided today, after some blog trolling, to go back to trying things I have around the house.  The first shot today was baking powder and citric acid: 1 cup of the first and about 2 Tbl of the later.  I let it soak in the medium stained toilet for about an hour, scrubbed it good, let sit for ten minutes and flush.  The stains look better…but not gone.  It was not the magic flush and all gone I was hoping for, though it did smell better than chemicals.

So now it’s back to the drawing board.  I’ve heard Alkaseltzer tablets or a combination of baking powder and our friend white vinegar.  Tomorrow…another toilet another try…

Anyone have suggestions?



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