Cheesesteak Sammiches

As we’ve launched into the New Year one of the goals around here was to get better about planning menus and making sure to use up as much of the left overs as possible.  This week I’m feeling pretty good about the progress.  On Sunday I slow cooked a medium sized rump roast which we served up with the lovely sliced potatoes.  Then I turned the left over meat into a second meal (and a half since Bunneh had one more sammich for lunch the next day) by making cheese steak with au ju on the side.  Then last night I used the last of the au ju as a base for some oven baked rice.  All in all I’m feeling pretty darn good about our usage, and these sandwiches were easy and yummy.

The meat was slow cooked with carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves, salt, pepper and 2 cups of beef broth for about 6 hours.  I drained off all of the juices and stored that in the fridge for our au ju dip.  But we discovered a trick to making these sandwiches amazing.  When it was time to make the sandwich I sliced all of the remaining meat into thin slabs.  This was a rump roast, so a cheaper, but a little tougher, cut.  Then I heat the au ju in a medium sauce pan and added the meat back to it letting it all simmer for about 30 minutes.  While the meat warmed and soaked up juicy goodness I sauteed a pan full of mushrooms, onions and green peppers with a little salt and pepper.   Then it was just a matter of assemble and serve.  I started with some chewy hoagie rolls, then Munster cheese, then the veggies and last the meat with the au ju on the side.  It’s very possible I got a little carried away with the veggies, but that’s never a bad thing and we both munched them down with glee.  I think we could have done something similar with a BBQ sauce or a little chipotle sauce, but for a cold winter night these were warm, gooey and perfect!


cheesesteak sammich 002 cheesesteak sammich 001


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