National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day, which is pretty cool since I rather like pancakes.  Then again I made waffles for breakfast, so maybe my breakfast love is more of a breakfast triangle, and don’t get me started on eggs and hash browns…mm…eggggs.

Ahem…anyway…  One of the cool things going on for National Pancake Day is over at IHOP.  You can visit your local IHOP and get a short stack of their pancakes, which aren’t bad, but the cool part is that they are also collecting monies for various charities around the country.  Here in Utah all the proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital, which is a wonderful place.  My sweet Bunneh’s second son was born with a lot of problems and left us early, but Primary Children’s was a crucial part of the little one’s care and we’ve tried to do all we can to encourage support of this lifesaving organization.  Soo…go eat pancakes and take your pocket change.  It’s good for the stomach and the heart.


ihop pancakes


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