The Great Cookie Experiment – Testing Cookies

The Great Cookie Experiment – Testing Cookies


When people find out that I do a blog all about making cookies, I get pretty much some version of the same kind of comment.  It’s usually something like, “Wow, that’s a lot of cookies”, or “Aren’t you tempted to eat them all?”, or “I would gain so much weight if I had cookies in my house all the time.”  The truth is, that yes, I am tempted to eat the cookies, because I love cookies.  I wouldn’t be writing a cookie blog if I didn’t.  After a few years of making cookies every week, I am not tired of cookies, and when they’re great, I want to eat them.


That’s why I make them on a day when I know that I will be around people that I can share them with.  I also have some rules about testing a cookie recipe.  If I stick to those rules, then I can really test how good a cookie is in just 4 cookies.  That’s not so many, and I can save the rest for school lunches.  Here is my four cookie testing rule:


Cookie #1- You must taste the dough.  Dough is better than cookies, in my book (my husband will vigorously disagree, but we’ve come to terms with our differences).  You can tell a lot about a cookie by the taste of the dough.  Some dough is dry and crumbly-leading to crumbly cookies.  Some dough is just not that sweet- like shortbreads.  Sometimes the dough tastes better than the cookie- as in potato chip cookies.  Tasting the dough is required.


Cookie #2- You must try the cookie when it’s hot and ooey gooey out of the oven.  This is particularly true when chocolate chips are involved because you want ooey gooey chocolate chips.  You want to experience whether or not your cookie is excellent at the hot and warm stage.


Cookie #3- You must have a cookie that has been cooled.  This is the resting state of the cookie when it is stored in the cookie jar, and it will taste different from when it’s hot out of the oven.  You need to know that your room temperature cookie is still fabulous.


Cookie #4- You must have a cookie the next day.  Flavors blend and grow richer with a little bit of time, and I have had more than one cookie recipe where the cookies are better the next day.  This is especially true of cookies that have a fruit flavor to them, or use extracts.  Day 2 is sometimes the optimal time to enjoy a cookie.


There you have it.  For the calorie conscious person, you CAN make cookies, test and enjoy them thoroughly, without blowing the diet forever and ever.  Until you get something like the “Ultimate sinful indulgence” cookie (I just made that up, there is no such cookie….is there?)  and then all bets are off.


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