The Great Cookie Experiment- Happy Valentine’s Day

The Great Cookie Experiment- Happy Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, Christmas was ALL about cookies.  I’d make at least six different types of cookies to give out to neighbors, including beautiful sugar cutout cookies.  I would cut out bells, and trees, and stockings, and stars and frost them all with buttercream frosting and sprinkling them with red or green sugars.

Then I learned about making your own chocolates.

I decided that I wanted Christmas to be about chocolates, and for a few years I made all the cookies AND the chocolates.  That made me a crazy person.  I had to simplify, and I had to come to a painful decision.  I needed to give up the cookies.  All except for the Ginger Molasses cookies which were simply slice and bake so I could make them in November sometime and save them for when I really needed them.

The decision was especially painful because the frosted sugar cookies were my husband’s FAVORITE cookie.  He didn’t want to give up on his favorite Christmas treat, and I couldn’t blame him.  So we made a deal.  I would make chocolates at Christmas, and would make the sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Now, the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I make heart-shaped sugar cookies.  I use the standard Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe, and the Wilton buttercream frosting recipe.  The girls and I bake, then decorate the cookies.  We use an assortment of sprinkles and candies, and use star tips and writing tips to create various designs.  We make a large cookie for all of our friends, each one different and unique.  It’s been a tradition for many years now, and one we look forward to every year.

Here are our beautiful cookies for this year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine sugar cookies


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