Flirting With Food

Isn't he sexay?

Isn’t he sexay?

Today is a special day, and I don’t have a recipe to share…check in on Monday and we’ll be back to normal.

So what is amazing about today?  Five years ago, Bunneh and I were legally and lawfully wedded…and then ran away to Disney World for our honeymoon.  🙂  It’s a funny thing to celebrate a Leap Day anniversary since technically the day falls somewhere in that funny space of the witching hour between Feb 28 and March 1.  We love it, which is part of why we married on the 29th anyway.

This brings me to the important Food related story of how Bunneh and I started courting.  Cause back then we were clueless and just a little dumb.  Bunneh and I had known each other for years before his previous relationship ended.  When that happened I was still firmly in the friend category and he was in the ‘all women are evil’ place, so we became IM buddies.  We chatted online and would attend the same parties and gaming get togethers and as part of these events we always brought food because that’s part of the social bit of hanging out.  Over time our mutual friends starting noticing that Bunneh and I were flirting through our food choices.  Sometimes we brought things which were competing for best food of the night, sometimes we coordinated our efforts.  They were all benefiting because it meant twice as many really good things to eat, but they decided if we were flirting with food anyway that they should help things along.  So, without ever telling us, suddenly the only seats in the room happened to be next to each other, or we were paired up in games and such.  Being dumb as dirt, the both of us, we didn’t notice this until AFTER we were dating and near engaged.  Thanks guys.  😛

So these days do we still flirt with food?  Damn straight.  We may not take quite as many dishes to parties since we’re pooling our resources now, but we talk food, we experiment together, we analyze everywhere we go to eat and the kitchen is certainly the heart of our home.

No regrets….  I look forward to another five years which is just as fabulous as the first, and five more after that…and…



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