Oh the Places We Eat: Epic Casual Dinning

Last week Bunneh and I went out for our anniversary.  We really love trying places that we’ve not been to before and so we went searching.  The search itself was a matter of figuring out what keywords to give Siri so she’d stop pulling up the 14 fast food restaurants within twenty miles of us.  Bunneh gets along pretty well with the iPhone diva, but she sure hates something about my accent.  Finally we got a better list, apparently you have to ask for fine dining and expand the radius, and one of the places on the list was Epic.  We’d not heard of it before but when we looked at the menu online there were some really intriguing listings and we decided to give it a go.

From the outside Epic looks just a little odd as it’s situated in a place which looks like it used to be a Mexican restaurant, big old stucco building.  However, they’ve added a lot of lovely details and the interior is relaxing and beautiful.  Though we did giggle when we realized country music was being pipped into the bathrooms, which seemed a little off theme.

epic appetizer

The appetizers are broken into two categories, a general appetizer and a set of flat breads.  As several of the appetizers had shellfish, which I can’t have until post baby, we stuck with the flat breads getting a plate that had flat bread, kobe beef, peppers, portabello mushrooms and a beautiful balsamic vinegrette.  The bread was freshly made and had this nice combination between a good chew in the middle and crispy on the edges and the portion was huge for two people and could have easily been shared with three to four.

epic taco epic risotto

For our entrees we actually both ended up with fish, though there were plenty of options on the menu.  I went with the Wahoo (ohni) fish tacos and Bunneh got the risotto with grilled salmon.  Both entrees were a mixed bag.  The fish tacos and the sauce the went with them were fabulous and I would happily order those again.  The problem was that the rice and bean side was very uninspired and bland.  The rice was just rice which happened to be orange, but had no flavor to it.  The beans, while they had obviously been made from scratch and not a can, were COLD and again mostly flavorless.  The risotto was very good, creamy and earthy with some nice smoky bacon and the big portabello mushroom on top was a perfect match, not so the salmon which was the wrong kind of spicy to go with the flavor of the rice.  We would have liked it better to just have 4-5 of the big mushrooms, which wasn’t an option, but we’d ask about it on a second visit.

epic desserts

Getting to dessert helped to restore our faith despite some of the issues with dinner.  We decided to each get a dessert and the list of offerings was very tempting.  We ended up with a cheesecake with blackberry compote and a lemon mousse.  The cheesecake itself was a very light and fluffy New York style and was good with the fresh berries, however the blackberry compote was kinda just a scribble across the plate and I wanted more out of it.  The lemon mousse was absolutely to DIE for.  It was so light with just enough citrus kick to give a great contrast against the sweetness and the fresh fruit – strawberries, blackberries and kiwi.  I could have eaten a vat of the stuff…well…theoretically, cause my tummy is cramped, but it was my favorite part of the meal.  🙂

Soo…there’s our newest experience.  Where should we go next?


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