The Great Cookie Experiment – Cookie Cravings- ebook review

The Great Cookie Experiment – Cookie Cravings- ebook review

Over Christmas, I got a fabulous deal on a bundled ebook called Cookie Cravings.  It’s the creation of the blog Two Peas and Their Pod.  Maria and Josh are a husband and wife team who love to cook, and publish their results.   Their Cookie Cravings book came up on my Facebook news feed, and I thought, “Hello, it’s COOKIES.  How could I not buy a cookbook entirely devoted to cookies?!?”  I clicked on the link, and happily purchased.

I am not sorry I did, either!  The book is beautiful, with fabulous photos of delicious cookies.  The recipes are interesting- not just your plain ordinary chocolate chip, although those are there in all of their favored glory.  Some take standard cookie recipes and make them in a unique combination that improves what is already fabulous.  Some are completely unique and intriguing and promise to take cookie eating up to the very next level!

I have tried two of the cookie recipes so far.  My oldest daughter liked the idea of the Chocolate Nutella Cookies, so I tried that recipe first.  It was chocolatey rich with just a hint of hazelnut taste to it.  The cookies came out perfectly, and were absolutely delicious.  I liked my second recipe attempt even better!  I made their Cinnadoodles recipe.  Great Googly Moogly, these were fabulous!  This recipe is going into my permanent, always make, recipe collection!  I am not kidding!  This takes the traditional Snickerdoodle recipe and adds cinnamon chips.  Hello!  How perfect is that?!?  WHY didn’t I think of it myself?  I can’t imagine a better use for cinnamon chips!  The only small nitpicky thing that I would change is that I like cream of tartar in my Snickerdoodles.  I like the tang it gives the cookies, and theirs leaves it out.  I want to try it with the cream of tartar left in and see if it works with the cinnamon chips.

The thing that I love best about both of these cookie recipes is that Two Peas and their Pod are based in Salt Lake City.  This means they live at my altitude level, and the cookies really did come out the perfect shape and texture.  I didn’t have to worry about the cookies being too flat at all!  I look forward to making the rest.

Go!  Buy this ebook!  It’s not too expensive, and it’s bundled with other cookie recipe books!  What’s not to like about more cookie recipes?  You can find it here.


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