Why Jam in a Jiffy

So these days I find myself learning to juggle a lot of things.  I cook with a baby in one arm, and currently she’s stretched across my lap making noises at me while I type.  Fortunately these are happy noises and she’s really cute…cuter for the fact I got more than 6 hours of sleep last night thanks to my spiffy husband.

Anyway…one of the things that comes with the new baby is finding ways to do things more efficiently and this is another place where I have a love for Jam in a Jiffy.  Now, I admit that Jam in a Jiffy is one of the Cornaby’s products, so this isn’t a completely selfless post, but honestly it’s really cool stuff.

I remember making jam as a kid and it generally took all day, was a mess and made the house really hot.  As well it was always an uber sweet jam which tasted more like sugar than fruit, but if you messed with the recipe then the pectin wouldn’t set and you had fruit syrup.  My third issue with it was that all the fruit got cooked and had cooked fruit flavor.  There are some fruits where I want the cooked flavor, like apricot, but for many of the berries in particular I prefer a fresher flavor.  All of these are reasons we developed Jam in a Jiffy.

The idea is that Jam in a Jiffy is a single pouch of a low sugar mix which contains everything you need to make jam except the fruit.  The sweetener is in there, the pectin, the thickeners and the citric acid…all there.  So all you do is find two pounds of whatever fruit catches your interest, which may mean what you are growing in the garden, find at a farmer’s market or goes on sale… crush the fruit and add the mix.  Stir and freeze and you’re done.  This is literally a five minute process.  It takes longer to wash and crush the fruit than anything else, which I love.  Last week I got strawberries on sale and in the 30 minutes that my little one was napping I made two batches of Jam in a Jiffy, from which I got 13 cups of jam, and cleaned up the kitchen before she woke.  How lovely is that?  As well this is a no fail jam.  If you can crush fruit and stir in a mix you can make jam, no cooking experience required!

Now, some folks argue that it’s just not cost effective to make your own jam, much less with this fancy mix…so here’s my breakdown for the jam I made:

4 pounds of fruit at $1.00 per pound

2 bags Jam in a Jiffy at $3.50 each

$11.00 and 30 minutes to make 13 cups (8 ounces per cup) of fresh, LOW SUGAR, strawberry jam.  That boils down to $0.84 per cup for a jam that my kids love and that I’m happy to serve anyone knowing it tastes fantastic, runs about 25-30 calories per Tablespoon and has fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants and all the other wonderful things that come from real fruit!

So that’s why I personally use Jam in a Jiffy.  Cause I want the good stuff, but, darn it, I want it now.  🙂

Jam in a Jiffy 2013


P.S.  Where can you find JinaJ?  You can check out our location link for stores in Utah, or any of your local Associated Food Stores.  Outside of Utah we ship through our website store, or you can go onto Amazon where the product is a little more expensive, but is eligible for their super saver shipping.


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