Three SummerTime Uses for Ultra Gel

Ultra Gel

I occasionally get folks writing me with the statement “I have this whole bag of Ultra Gel but I just don’t know what to do with it besides one particular recipe.  What else can I do with it?”

I love this question because when it comes to Ultra Gel I can fill volumes with stuff you can do with it.  There are the recipes you find on this blog and there are recipes in the Ultra Gel Answer Book, but to be honest some of my favorite things are just the little day to day, toss it and go uses.  Soo…today I’m giving you my top three summertime fixes with Ultra Gel.

1 – Keeping your ice cream smooth.  This is for those lovely homemade ice cream recipes.  From the ones where you squish up ingredients in a bag to stove warmed custards Ultra Gel is perfect in ice cream base.  In this usage Ultra Gel serves to keep your emulsion from falling apart, speeding the churning process and helping the ice cream to freeze with small ice crystals.  Smaller crystals means a smoother mouth feel.  Ultra Gel also keeps your ice cream good longer as it helps to fend off freezer burn.

2 – Adding body to vinaigrette.  I always add at least 1-2 teaspoons of Ultra Gel to any salad vinaigrette.  The reason for this is that Ultra Gel holds the spices in emulsion so all the goodness doesn’t end up at the bottom of the serving vessel and vinaigrette which is thickened just a little will stick to the greens better.  This makes for a prettier salad and allows you to use less dressing with better effect.

3 – Ultra Gel Whipping Cream!  Tis the season for shortcakes and creamy desserts and anywhere that I’m using whipping cream I bring Ultra Gel to the party.  I don’t like either the flavor or the health concerns of using non dairy frozen toppings and would much rather use real cream, however, real cream tends to separate quickly.  1 teaspoon of Ultra Gel added to 1 pint of whipping cream during the whipping process will stabilize the product giving days of thickness and stability (provided you don’t leave it at heat.  Dairy will still break down if it’s left out of the fridge for too long.  That’s not the Ultra Gel failing, but the dairy doing what dairy does).

So there are my top three, of many many options.  For folks who use Ultra Gel in their own recipes what are your favorite uses?



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