KUTV Health Expo – Cornaby’s presents Fruitivia

Hi folks,

Today we’re over at the KUTV Health Expo at the South Towne Expo Center.  This is a massively cool event.  Admission is free and there are all kinds of screenings and healthy foods to taste.  Personally I’m going to go visit the Fat Boys booth and see what’s new in ice cream!

Cornaby’s is there back in booth 619 by the stage.  We’re giving out sample of our Fruitivia squeezable fruit snack and talking about healthy eating and reducing sugars in your diet.  At 3:30 MST we’ll be on the main stage talking about the products used in Fruitivia, besides a lot of fruit, and why we chose what we did.  So it’s a good chance to get upto date on what’s up and coming in the world of health and to learn more about Fruitivia if you’ve seen it but never given it a try.  I personally like the strawberry for just eating, the raspberry for freezing and the super berry for smoothies.

Come by and say Hi!  We’ll be there from 10-6 today and again tomorrow (July 12 and 13th).

spinach smoothie


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