Fresh Blackberry Raspberry Jam

As I’ve mentioned before I get to answer most of the email questions that come into Cornaby’s.  Some questions are fantastic and, I admit, some make me laugh a little.  One from the other day got me thinking and I thought I’d address it here.

Here’s the question:  “What flavor is jam in a jiffy?”

As we’ve talked about before Jam in a Jiffy is a dry mix for making fresh jam.  This jam can then be served immediately, put in the fridge for a few weeks or frozen for a few months.  You can process it into bottles too, but that’s another post.  When it comes to flavor Jam in a Jiffy doesn’t have one.  You can make any flavor of fresh jam you want based on what fruit you choose.  Jam in a Jiffy works best with soft fruits like berries, peaches, mangoes, pears, etc, but can also be used for apricots, rhubarb, kiwi and other such fruits.  I do cook some of these combinations, like apricot, because I like the flavor better, but you never have to cook your fruit for it to work with Jam in a Jiffy.  Sooo…over the next few months we’re going to share some of our favorite fruit combinations, and we’re going to highlight some other cool things you can do with your Jam in a Jiffy mix…like pie filling and shortcake topping!

Today’s fresh jam flavor is blackberry raspberry.  This one seems like a no brainer to me because I like the flavor of these wild berries together.  As well, Bunneh went to California and came back with some blackberries which got a little squished in transit.  So we had blackberries that needed a slightly smushy application and raspberries which had just come from the farm.  I wanted a chunky jam so I crushed them together with a fork in a half and half mixture (2 cups of each type of berry), added my Jam in a Jiffy mix and waited to check the thickness.  For this fresh jam I wanted a thicker end product because I intend to use it in stuffed breads, thumbprint cookies and other cooked applications as well as just to spread on toast, so I didn’t add any other liquid.   This made a lovely almost chutney consistency which was perfect for what I want.  I got about 5.5 cups of finished product, five for the freezer and one that we ate within the next couple of days.  🙂 Mmm…berries…

fresh blackberry raspberry jam blackrasp bowl


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