Fresh Peach Raspberry Jam

Today’s fresh jam flavor is peach raspberry jam, though we’ll talk a little about plain peach too.

This one is one of my kids’ favorite flavors and it’s the perfect time of year to start stocking up as fresh peaches have started appearing in local farmers’ markets.  Even if the fruit on my poor tree is a long way from ripe.   I like a half and half mix, so 2 cups crushed peaches + 2 cups crushed raspberries and the jam in a jiffy mix.  My kids are also very fond of doing a mix that is half strawberries and half peaches, but since I can get raspberries from the family farm we put up more of that than the strawberry.

Now, a word on fresh peach.  Some people love the flavor of fresh peach jam, and in that case 4 cups of crushed fruit + one pack of jam in a jiffy and you’re in business.  For other folks the peach is a little too mild raw and they prefer the slightly caramel flavor of a cooked peach.  You can still get this with jam in a jiffy.  Just crush your peaches and pop the bowl in the microwave (yes, this requires a microwave safe bowl) for about five minutes.  Give the whole thing a stir and taste.  One you get the flavor you want, then add the jam in a jiffy mix and get to business.

Fresh peach jam, fresh raspberry peach jam, fresh peach strawberry jam…  You just have to love peach season!  These jams are great on toast, or to fill your favorite thumb print cookie or add to a smoothie for a pop of omething special.

How do you Jam in a Jiffy?


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