Frozen Peach Brains

Somedays I just amuse myself, it’s true.

Lately there’s been a lot of produce flowing through my kitchen between Bountiful Baskets and farmer’s markets and I’ve been doing my best to freeze, can and otherwise preserve the bounty.  The other thing going on is that I have a 7 month old who looves to eat solid foods and I’m trying to provide some healthy options for her.  These two things collided in the creation of peach brains, fun food for any of my kids.

Peach brains started with ripe peaches which I skinned, cooked briefly and mashed.  Then I added just a little bit of Ultra Gel, about a Tablespoon per four cups of puree.  From there I poured the puree into a silicone mold for tiny little brains and put the whole thing in my deep freeze overnight.  The next day out pops 12 beautiful brains.  🙂  Now this could be done with any silicone mold for various shapes.  I don’t add any sugar so I can thaw my brains and feed them to my daughter, or they’re lots of fun to float in soda or use in fruit salads to add both flavor and help to keep things cold.

The Ultra Gel in this use helps the puree to freeze without a lot of ice chunks so it stays smooth and helps the thaw to be gradual and consistent.

I’ve done this with both peaches and pears with beautiful results.  I’m pondering what to brainify next!

peach brains




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