Pork Chops and Tomato Sauce

Last night was one of those nights where you’re racing around all day and at about 4 pm, you stare at the kitchen and go ‘what are we going to eat?’  Sometimes, I admit, the answer to this question is a desperate call to my husband to beg him to buy hamburgers or salads on the way home, but most of the time I do try to put something together.  Today’s recipe is what happens when you find four pork chops in the freezer and go from there.  🙂  It was pretty darn good and we even have leftovers for today.

For special diets serve up with spaghetti squash or string beans to keep down the carbs and go gluten free!


Pork Chops and Tomato Sauce

1 Tbl butter or olive oil

1/2 medium onion, sliced

1 clove garlic, diced

4 medium pork chops

1 can tomato sauce

1/4 cup white wine or chicken broth

1 tsp italian seasoning

1/2 tsp lemon pepper

1 Tbl Ultra Gel

salt – for chops

In a heavy skillet or cast iron skillet heat butter and sautee onion and diced garlic at medium heat until soft.  Remove to a small bowl.  Salt both pork chops and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side.  In a separate bowl combine tomato sauce, wine or broth, seasonings and Ultra Gel mix well.  Then add the cooked onion mixture to the sauce.  Scoop the sauce over the pork chops and remove to a 350 degree oven until an internal temperature of at least 145 is reached and allow 3 minutes to rest.  Serve with rice or pasta and vegetables.



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