Storing Ultra Gel and Thick Gel – And a contest

First things first…we’ll talk about the contest!  Starting now we want your pie recipes!  We love pies and tis the season for some of our favorites and yours.  So we want to see your recipes for pies using any Cornaby’s product.  We’ll be gathering recipes from now until November 20th, that’s next Wednesday and then put them up for a vote.  The author of the recipe(s) with the most votes on the blog, twitter or Facebook will receive a Cornaby’s gift pack just in time for the holidays including our brand new Raspberry Habenero jelly!  Send your recipes to and put ‘pie contest’ in the subject line!

Now…moving on.  A couple days ago I was shopping with my husband and I saw a card by the spices which was interesting and kind of fun.

Aging SpicesAs you can see this is a good guide for those of us who might have older spices in our cupboards which really need to be dumped.  I remember the square tins from when I was growing up and I have seen them in a few places, though I didn’t find any when I cleaned out my cupboard!

This leads me to a question we are often asked which is regarding the shelf life of Ultra Gel and Thick Gel.  When it comes to food storage there are a few things which can cause issues: bacteria and molds, physical contamination, moisture and critters.  With Ultra Gel and Thick Gel as long as they are properly stored most of these issues can be avoided and the starches are good for many years.  We package Ultra Gel and Thick Gel in thick resealable pouches.  They should be kept in these pouches, or moved to other containers which have a tight lid.  When this is done then moisture and physical contaminates can’t get in and these starches do not naturally have enough oils or moisture to encourage growth of bacteria, molds or to attract mice or bugs.

So the answer in a nutshell is to keep your starches in cool, dry locations in an air tight container and they’ll be good for years.  It is suggested to rotate every 5-7 years, but in my own kitchen I find I go through the product much faster than that!



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