Black Friday Deals and Thankfulness

Caramel Tassies

Hi there,

The big Thanksgiving feast is over around here…except that I’ll be eating pie for breakfast for the next few days… and we wanted to express a huge thank you to all of our friends, family and followers.  We wouldn’t be here without you!

Along those lines I have two matters of housekeeping.  🙂

1 – Keep voting on your favorite pies either here or on Facebook.  Voting closes tomorrow!

2 – Black Friday deals!  We’ve decided to do our best to give back so we have deals running today, tomorrow and Monday.  All through the weekend you can get free shipping on orders over $50, as long as you don’t choose the ‘shipping included’ boxes.  I’d love to include these but our shopping cart isn’t smart enough yet to drop the shipping on those.  As well today you can get a buy one get one free offer on Fruitivia.  You just click here and you get 24 pouches for 21 bucks shipped anywhere in the US.  That’s double the pouches for the same low price!

For a sneak peak…  Tomorrow there will be a sale on our dry pack items and Monday we’re having a crazy 8 ounce jam sale.  Keep your eyes peeled right here.  🙂

Happy holidays and we love you.

Jana and Cornabys


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