The Genuis Behind This Utah Food Co-packer

Hi everyone!  This is Tim, the sales and marketing guy for Cornaby’s LLC.  We often get asked if we can do co-packing and private label products.  The answer is YES!!!  A good portion of our business is making products for other companies who then market those products.  We also make custom fillings and products to be used with other company’s products. 

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in the kitchen with my Mom.  For those of you who don’t know, my Mother is the genius behind Cornaby’s LLC.  Janet Stocks taught food preparation and meal management classes at BYU for a number of years before starting Cornaby’s LLC along side my uncle David.  My Mom has always taught me that cooking should be fun and to never be afraid to try experiment when cooking.  Her can-do attitude has helped produce some of the most innovative products known to fruit preserve industry.  Among these are our Ten Calorie Spreadable Fruit products.  We are the only manufacturer that I know of that has a preserve sweetened with Stevia.  She has also developed an innovative fruit smoothie mix that we sell to school districts across Utah.  If I can get away from my sales and marketing role for long enough to assist in product development I always jump at the opportunity.  

Thanks to Janet, Cornaby’s has become one of the finest Utah food co-packers.  Our products are crafted in a state-of-the-art facility which is capable of manufacturing dry-pack, wet pack hot fill, blister packs, bulk preserves, fillings, sauces, smoothie mix or anything made with fruit base.  Whether we are creating a custom filling for your bakery or making a private label of our famous Raspberry Chipotle sauce, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best product available.


2 thoughts on “The Genuis Behind This Utah Food Co-packer

  1. Hi Tim,
    I spoke with you about 6 months ago about co Packing my product. I make a “healthy cookie dough” Called Go Dough Energy. I have scaled back on production since loosing my warehouse lease I didn’t have enough volume for you to take my product on . Since then I am ready to launch a new product for a few on line companies, return to Harmons, and Sprouts has recently contacted us as well. I also have a new company doing natural skin care and make up who is looking for a manufacturer. I’m wondering if you are still in a position to take on new business or are willing to look at what we have to offer. I look forward to hearing from yoiu soon. Thank you,

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