Jam in a Jiffy – The season is upon us

Hi folks!

I know we went kinda quiet there for a while, but it’s because we were busily constructing and shaping our webpages and this year’s plans to bring an even better Cornaby’s experience your way.  🙂 So the first thing to take a wander through is the brand new Cornaby’s Home Webpage, and then keep an eye out here as the blog will be under going a face lift soon.

Anyway…let’s get to the important stuff! Recipes!

We’ve talked about Jam in a Jiffy before, but for the uninitiated: Jam in a Jiffy is Cornaby’s go to freezer mix. It’s a five minute process of crush 4 cups of fruit, add the mix, add additional liquid (if needed) and pop into freezer containers.

As it’s March I’ve started seeing some lovely strawberries around and for a fairly decent price. With the concerns about the California drought it’s even more important to my family to make sure we’re getting every bit of use out of our fruit. So we ate some and then crushed up the rest coming up to 3 cups. As the Jam in a Jiffy recipe calls for four cups of fruit I started casting about the fridge for a companion for my strawberries. This brings me to one of my personal favorite things about Jam in a Jiffy, and that’s how flexible it is. The mix is based on a combination of special thickeners so that you can end up with a low sugar jam made from whatever combination of fruit YOU like. In this case I found some blackberries I’d not used and tossed those in with the strawberries. Then just for a little more zing I added about 2 Tablespoons of fresh orange juice. Add the mix and wait for five minutes and tada! The end jam is smashing. Strawberry sweet with the richness of the blackberries and a little orange kick. I think it’d be fantastic in sweet rolls, but today we had it for lunch with peanut butter.

Strawberry Blackberry Jam

Another suggestion that has come in is to get a little savory with your flavors. Add a little black pepper to your strawberry jam, or some halapeno to your raspberry. So tell me, Dear Readers: What’s your favorite Jam in a Jiffy combination? Inquiring minds want to know…and to taste!


PS: A few folks have asked about where they can find Jam in a Jiffy.  We are in many grocery and specialty food stores, check here to see if we’re in one near you.  As well you can find us on Amazon or order directly from our website.


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