Ultra Gel and the Dysphagia Diet

Ultra Gel

We often wax poetic about all the ways in which Ultra Gel makes life in your kitchen easier, but one of the things that we’re most proud of is how friendly Ultra Gel is when it comes to special diets. There are a lot of health benefits we could talk about but today we wanted to focus on using Ultra Gel in the case of Dysphagia and with people on a dysphagia diet.

Dysphagia is a condition where someone has a problem with swallowing liquids at certain thicknesses. It can be a condition or the mouth or of the throat and is addressed in many ways depending on the particular case and your particular doctor. However, a very common part of dysphagia treatment is a specific dysphagia diet.

Most dysphagia diets often focus on foods which are non allergenic, balanced in fiber, and either thickened or pureed down to a consistency which can be easily swallowed.

While there are several thickeners for dysphagia on the market, they are often expensive and difficult to use without lumping or off flavors.

Ultra Gel is an ideal product to use in dysphagia cases because it is flavor free and easy to mix without lumping. Ultra Gel thickened products will stay thick longer and can be stored without break down. As well Ultra Gel is gluten free and processed without any exposure to major allergens. It thickens any liquid, hot or cold, to a controllable consistency so can be used with different foods and brought up to any of the standard thicknesses used in a dysphagia diet: nectar, honey and pudding. When used in pureed foods Ultra Gel helps the resulting puree to stay thick even when refrigerated or frozen for storage.

Ultra Gel Usage Sheet is a chart to refer to when working with different kinds of foods and liquids to get appropriate thickness for a dysphagia diet. We hit on some of the most common liquids, but for other liquids of similar thicknesses the thickening power of Ultra Gel will be similar. If you have any questions on using Ultra Gel we’re happy to help, though any specific medical advice should come from your doctor or dietician.


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