Cornabys at the Dicken’s Festival!

Hopefully everyone is recovering from their Thanksgiving feasting. I know at our house most of the leftovers are long gone and we’re enjoying a few days of normality as we kick into high gear for the holidays.

One of the bits of high gear for Cornabys is attendance at one of our favorite Christmas Festivals in Utah, the Dickens Festival! This festival happens the fist two weekends in December in St George, Utah from November 30 through December 3rd and in Salt Lake City, Utah from December 8 through December 10th. This is a great festival with productions of some of Dickens’ famous plays, visits from St Nick, roasted chestnuts, music and lots of vendor booths where you can come and get those unique Christmas gifts you’re still looking for.

Cornabys will have a both at both festivals where we’ll be presenting our amazing jams, syrups and sauces, but we’ll have some unique flavors (Cinnaberry! Blueberry Syrup! Apple! Raspberry Chipotle!) you’ve never seen before. As well we’re introducing our Cowboy Candy – A sweet treat with a kick, and our Scorpion Blood sauce, which is a VERY hot pepper sauce that my college aged son loves. He says it’s particularly good on Ramen noodles. Also look for the beauty of our hand dipped pretzel rods, dipped in Cornaby’s Caramel and chocolate and don’t forget the hand pulled Cornaby’s suckers. Come by and see us! We can’t wait.



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