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Vanilla Peach Freezer Jam – With Jam in a Jiffy

Around here this was a good year for peaches, but also a very busy fall. Therefore, I ended up freezing off some of my peaches for use later. Well…yay for later! A big bag of peaches, I sliced them and weighed them out in two pound bags, one bag of jam in a jiffy and a teaspoon of very good vanilla extract. So easy and here’s a jam that elevates everything it goes on. It’s a particularly good dessert jam to pour on cakes, waffles, crepes and to fill breads with. Who says you can’t have fall flavors in the middle of January?!?

Vanilla Peach Freezer Jam

2 pounds frozen peaches

1 bag Cornaby’s Jam in a Jiffy

1 teaspoon vanilla

Let frozen peaches thaw and drain off the liquid. DON’T discard it. Crush fruit and add Jam in a Jiffy. Stir well. Add vanilla and mix to combine. Allow mixture to sit for 3-5 minutes. As needed add back in peach juice until you reach the desired consistency.

Jam can be refrozen for up to 3 months. Refrigerated for 1-2 weeks. Or eaten immediately. We won’t judge.


Cinnamon Spice Cheese Ball

Happy Holidays to all our friends and followers! No matter how you celebrated we hope you had a Merry Christmas and a brilliant holiday season, though it’s not over just yet! And we’re glad because New Years is a great time for appetizers and we have a great recipe to share.

Most appetizers are savory, but there are times you want something which has a sweeter leaning without being as sweet as candy or cookies. This Cinnamon Spice Cheese Ball is a favorite of mine and fills the gap nicely. Here we combine Cornaby’s Cinnamon Spice* gourmet jam with cream cheese for a cheese ball that will surprise and delight your party guests.

* Cornaby’s Cinnamon Spice jam used to be called cinnaberry. This is a new formulation but still combines raspberries, cranberries, cinnamon and cloves to create an amazing holiday spread. Perfect with turkey, ham, on a fresh roll or in a cheese ball!


Cinnamon Spice Cheese Ball

12 ounces low-fat cream cheese, softened

2-4 Tablespoons powdered sugar (Depending on how sweet you want the final product)

1 Tablespoon Ultra Gel

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vanilla

8 ounce Cornaby’s Cinnaberry Spice jam

Combine ingredients in the order listed with an electric or stand mixer. Refrigerate cheese ball for at least 30 minutes before serving. For extra crunch roll in pecan pieces. Serve with graham crackers or vanilla wafer crackers.

Canning with Jam in a Jiffy

One of the questions we get a lot this time of year is if you can use Jam in a Jiffy to make shelf stable jams or only freezer jams. The answer is that Jam in a Jiffy can be used to make shelf stable jam. However, the process is a little different and there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

The biggest consideration is if you like the flavor of cooked fruit. In order to be safely canned jams must be water bathed which will cook the fruit. For many fruits this isn’t a problem and, in my opinion, even improves some flavors. I much prefer a cooked apricot jam, for example, but I really don’t like a cooked strawberry jam. So I make sure I have the freezer space to keep my strawberry jam fresh, but peach and apricot go on the shelf. The second consideration is where you have space and if you have enough jars. Jam in a Jiffy jams should be canned in pints or half pints for best results. The sugar free Jam in a Jiffy (in the small light blue bag) may take on a bitter flavor when cooked and I don’t recommend using it, but the normal red package low sugar Jam in a Jiffy works great.

Canned Jam in a Jiffy Jam

2 pounds fruit, crushed or chopped

1 package Jam in a Jiffy

1: Place fruit into a medium heavy bottomed sauce pan and bring to just below boiling. This will help to release juices and slightly soften the fruit.

2: Add Jam in a Jiffy mix and stir until completely dissolved.

3: Bring mixture to a boil and boil for 1 minute.

4: Fill jars, leaving 1/2 – 1 inch headspace.

5: Waterbath for 20 minutes for half pints and 25 minutes for pints.

6: Let jars cool, remove wings and move to storage. Remember to label and date your jars for proper rotation.

(This recipe has been lab tested and approved and found safe for home canning practices. Do not add more fruit than on the recipe without also adding more Jam in a Jiffy. The ratio of fruit to mix keeps the pH of the finished product at safe levels and the boiling and processing kills mold spores and bacteria. It it not recommended to use hot pack (tipping jars upside down) processing instead of water bathing.)


Why Jam in a Jiffy

So these days I find myself learning to juggle a lot of things.  I cook with a baby in one arm, and currently she’s stretched across my lap making noises at me while I type.  Fortunately these are happy noises and she’s really cute…cuter for the fact I got more than 6 hours of sleep last night thanks to my spiffy husband.

Anyway…one of the things that comes with the new baby is finding ways to do things more efficiently and this is another place where I have a love for Jam in a Jiffy.  Now, I admit that Jam in a Jiffy is one of the Cornaby’s products, so this isn’t a completely selfless post, but honestly it’s really cool stuff.

I remember making jam as a kid and it generally took all day, was a mess and made the house really hot.  As well it was always an uber sweet jam which tasted more like sugar than fruit, but if you messed with the recipe then the pectin wouldn’t set and you had fruit syrup.  My third issue with it was that all the fruit got cooked and had cooked fruit flavor.  There are some fruits where I want the cooked flavor, like apricot, but for many of the berries in particular I prefer a fresher flavor.  All of these are reasons we developed Jam in a Jiffy.

The idea is that Jam in a Jiffy is a single pouch of a low sugar mix which contains everything you need to make jam except the fruit.  The sweetener is in there, the pectin, the thickeners and the citric acid…all there.  So all you do is find two pounds of whatever fruit catches your interest, which may mean what you are growing in the garden, find at a farmer’s market or goes on sale… crush the fruit and add the mix.  Stir and freeze and you’re done.  This is literally a five minute process.  It takes longer to wash and crush the fruit than anything else, which I love.  Last week I got strawberries on sale and in the 30 minutes that my little one was napping I made two batches of Jam in a Jiffy, from which I got 13 cups of jam, and cleaned up the kitchen before she woke.  How lovely is that?  As well this is a no fail jam.  If you can crush fruit and stir in a mix you can make jam, no cooking experience required!

Now, some folks argue that it’s just not cost effective to make your own jam, much less with this fancy mix…so here’s my breakdown for the jam I made:

4 pounds of fruit at $1.00 per pound

2 bags Jam in a Jiffy at $3.50 each

$11.00 and 30 minutes to make 13 cups (8 ounces per cup) of fresh, LOW SUGAR, strawberry jam.  That boils down to $0.84 per cup for a jam that my kids love and that I’m happy to serve anyone knowing it tastes fantastic, runs about 25-30 calories per Tablespoon and has fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants and all the other wonderful things that come from real fruit!

So that’s why I personally use Jam in a Jiffy.  Cause I want the good stuff, but, darn it, I want it now.  🙂

Jam in a Jiffy 2013


P.S.  Where can you find JinaJ?  You can check out our location link for stores in Utah, or any of your local Associated Food Stores.  Outside of Utah we ship through our website store, or you can go onto Amazon where the product is a little more expensive, but is eligible for their super saver shipping.