About Cornabys

The Cornaby’s story is one of family, food and farming.  We grow raspberries on the farm which has been in the family for six generations, with four generations actively working together to harvest berries and make them into healthy, low calorie, delicious spreads, vinegars and sauces.  Grandma and Grandpa still live in the farm house, watching over everything from their squishy recliners…at least when we can get Grandpa off of the tractor and Grandma out of the kitchen.  We’re all happy eaters with a loving relationship with food, cooking and nature.

Jana Brown runs most of the blogging around here and is a grandchild of Reed and Lucy Cornaby, our farming Patriarch and Matriarch.  She started cooking when she was three and climbed up on the counter, grabbing a chicken leg and using it for a microphone.  Once her mother, Janet Stocks, stopped laughing the cooking lessons began.  The lessons have never stopped and now we do our best to share them.

Won’t you join us?


10 thoughts on “About Cornabys

  1. I enjoyed your Deseret News article. Where do you buy whole spices? I looked quickly at Penzey’s web site and thought most of theirs were spice blends and ground ones.


    • Hi Judy. I get a lot of my whole spices from Sunflower Market, Good Earth and Whole Foods. They have a great variety at a decent price. As well the San Francisco Herb Company online is a great place to get whole herbs and spices when you want them in bulk. 🙂 Thanks much! ~Jana

  2. how do you get to your place were we can buy the berrys? could you give me address of direction there. we live in american fork utah

  3. The farm is in Salem Utah. From American Fork you go south on I-15 to the Spanish Fork exit. Take that exit and turn left so you’re going south through Spanish Fork. Go all the way through town and stay on that main road and you’ll end up in Salem. Follow the curve of the road (this will put you going West) until you get to 300 West (Salem Pond is there and is split by the road, part of the pond on the south side and part in a retaining pond on the north). Turn left, so you’re going south again and follow the road until it ends. This is Salem Canal road. Turn right, now you’re going west, and follow Canal Road until you see a very large berry patch. 🙂 There’s a big red sign marking the lane. Come on in.

  4. Hi my name is Jon, I have been following you through Twitter! I am just wondering if I could ask you a couple question? How many acres of Raspberries do you grow and is there quite a bit of Raspberries being grown in your area?

    I would really appreciate any feedback,


  5. Congratulations, you are the 300th follower of Vinny’s blog! I’m pleased to tell you that as such you win a complimentary copy of Vinny’s book for kids and their families on healthy eating, called, “Cook Up A Story”. If you give me an address where I can mail the book (worth $45 with tax and shipping on line before discounts), I’ll get it off to you. If you prefer, you can send your address privately to my email address, sharon711@sympaticio.ca.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog and my Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars! I hope you get a chance to stop by again and make a recipe or two for yourself. I look forward to following your posts in the future!


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